October 25, 2016

National Air Quality and Health Meeting to make air quality a priority in Australia

The second National Air Quality and Health meeting will be held this week with experts in respiratory medicine, epidemiology, air quality and data coming together to investigate the impact air quality is having on health in Australia and what academics and health professionals can do to have a positive impact on public health.

Air pollution is the leading environmental determinant of disease and even in a relatively ‘clean’ country such as Australia, mortality due to air pollution is nearly threefold that of car accidents. [i]

The meeting, hosted at Graduate House, University of Melbourne, aims to explore advocacy opportunities in greater depth. It is organised by Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Hospital. University of Melbourne is represented by several faculties including Earth Sciences, eResearch, Medicine and Population Health.

The first National Air Quality and Health meeting held in 2015 gathered experts from across Australia in air quality, data, health and environmental law. Universities from every state were represented along with the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes hub, centres of research excellence (CAR), government organisations; DHHS, CSIRO, EPA, NGOs; Environmental Justice Australia, Climate Works, Drs for the Environment, Climate and Health Alliance.

Lung Foundation Australia looks forward to learning more about the quality of air, its impact and how we can work with health professionals to best protect the lung health of Australians.


 [i]Begg S, Vos T, Barker B, et al. The burden of disease and injury in Australia 2003, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Cat. no. PHE 82, Canberra (2007), p234