August 8, 2014

National Student Volunteer Week – Emilia Pascoe

We have profiled some of our student volunteers as part of National Student Volunteer week (4 – 10 August).

Our third student volunteer, Emilia Pascoe, has shared her story with us.

Thank you Emilia for generously sharing your story with us and all the work you have done. It is very much appreciated and we look forward to the weeks to come!


Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I have been a uni student for almost six years, having undertaken studies in both Nursing and Communications. I have previously volunteered for Brisbane Fashion Festival; however, Public Health and Wellbeing are my key interests. I look forward to graduating and seeing what the future holds!

What made you decide to become a volunteer? (in general)

Volunteering for a not-for-profit organisation has always been something I hoped to do. I think it is important to be passionate about a cause and be proactive when it comes to your local community.

How did you become a volunteer at Lung Foundation Australia?

When deciding to finally undertake volunteer work I had a few different not-for-profit organisations to choose from. This was thanks to a number of family friend connections. However, the Lung Foundation was my first choice and I was excited when they were so willing to have me on board.

Why did you become a volunteer for Lung Foundation Australia?

I think the work that they do is extremely beneficial to the community. It was astonishing to hear the statistics associated with lung disease and the challenges the Foundation faces in relation to the myths and stigma attached to lung health in Australia. When you begin to see the work they do, it is hard not to want to do everything you can to help spread the word!

How has volunteering helped your studies?

At uni it is easy to lose sight of your goals, what you are learning can often seem unnecessary to your future career. However, volunteering has allowed me to regain focus and validate the skills I have developed over the past four years. It also helps that what I am doing is benefiting a really great cause!

 Would you encourage other students to volunteer?

Definitely! Volunteering for a not-for-profit organisation provides you with skills that you would not necessarily gain elsewhere. It forces you to think outside the box, be proactive and be self-disciplined. Not to mention it is extremely rewarding! I would recommend volunteering to all students, no matter what their field of study.