February 15, 2016

New accredited GP training module aims to improve management of patients with COPD

Lung Foundation Australia has developed an Active Learning Module (ALM) for General Practitioners (GPs) to increase their knowledge, confidence and skills in the diagnosis and management of patients with COPD.

Worth 40 category 1 points, the RACGP QI and CPD accredited activity for the 2014-2016 Triennium will be held on at three conferences during 2016.

The learning outcomes for this ALM include:

  1. Recognising the impact of COPD in the Australian community
  2. Identifying patients at risk and confirm a diagnosis of COPD
  3. Explaining effective non-pharmacotherapy and pharmacotherapy interventions for the management of COPD
  4. Developing a comprehensive plan of care with a patient, including a COPD Action Plan for managing exacerbrations
  5. Utilising evidence based resources to assess and manage patients with COPD

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GPs are also encouraged to participate in a new Clinical Audit focused on the development of COPD Action Plans for exacerbation management.  Developed by Lung Foundation Australia and approved by RAGCP, this accredited activity is also worth 40 category 1 points and involves two phases:

  • Retrospective – the review of 10 current patient records to explore the use of COPD Action Plans
  • Prospective – working with the 10 patients to adopt an agreed COPD Action Plan

The learning outcomes for the Clinical Audit include the ability to:

  • Develop of COPD Action Plans for patients diagnosed with COPD
  • Implement COPD Action Plans with patient involvement
  • Appropriately prescribe medicines for COPD, antibiotics and oral corticosteroids in accordance with the COPDX Guidelines
  • Decrease the dependence on antibiotics as a first line treatment for patients experiencing an exacerbation of COPD
  • Use of reminder systems to facilitate planned reviews of patients with COPD

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