October 20, 2016

New and updated resources

Fitness to Fly Factsheet

This resource provides lots of useful hints and tips on what to consider before booking a plane ticket. A copy can be downloaded from https://lungfoundation.com.au/patient-support/living-with-a-lung-condition/fitness-to-fly/.

Sarcoidosis Educational Brochure/Factsheet

This resource has recently been reviewed and revised and the factsheet can be downloaded at https://lungfoundation.com.au/patient-support/other-lung-conditions/sarcoidosis.

New Pulmonary Rehabilitation Educational Brochure

Originally published as an online factsheet, this popular resource provides information on pulmonary rehabilitation programs for people with a chronic lung disease. The factsheet can be downloaded at https://lungfoundation.com.au/patient-support/living-with-a-lung-condition/pulmonary-rehabilitation-2/.

Improving Outcomes for Australians with Lung Cancer: A Call to Action

Lung Foundation Australia is calling for action to make lung cancer a priority in Australia via a recent report. There are four important areas of focus:

  • Raise the profile and reduce the stigma of lung cancer.
  • Prioritise early detection efforts where cure is most likely to be achieved, including identifying and implementing an effective national screening strategy.
  • Improve access to best practice care for people with lung cancer whoever they are and wherever they live.
  • Increase research funding targeted to lung cancer to improve health outcomes.

For more information or to read the full report visit www.lungfoundation.com.au/lung-cancer-call-to-action.