August 11, 2014

New Benefits for Lung Foundation Australia Members

Lung Foundation Australia launched a new membership rewards program in July, offering more benefits for joining the organisation. As well as helping the Lung Foundation, Supporter Members and Health Professional Members can now access a suite of more than 15 providers offering a variety of discounts ranging from airline lounge membership programs, shopping, travel and technology products such as e-readers. Health Professional members will also be able to access a range of discounts on Lung Foundation Australia training and resource packages, making it easier to access these great tools.

As part of this new package, membership prices will increase by $10 a year – our first price rise in the past four years. Supporter Membership will be a steal at $65 while Health Professional Membership will rise to $85 annually. In return all members will receive:

  • A new membership card to access all your discounts online
  • An online membership card to ensure you can access your discounts even if you leave your card at home
  • A growing suite of discounts including travel, shopping and technology.

Health Professional Members will also receive:

  • Discounts on Lung Foundation Australia resources
  • Voting rights at the Lung Foundation Australia Annual General Meeting.

We really value our members and without you, we wouldn’t be able to continue the work we do helping people with lung disease and their families, whilst also supporting the clinical community to bring the best in lung care to all Australians.

To join, please visit, or call us on 1800 654 301.