July 28, 2016

New Lung Cancer Multidisciplinary Team Directory launched

MDT screengrabLung Foundation Australia has developed a comprehensive directory of dedicated Lung Cancer Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT), with funding from the Cancer Australia 2015 Supporting People with Cancer Grant. The MDT Directory provides a platform to improve early access and treatment for patients who present to their GP or clinician with symptoms of lung cancer that warrant early follow up. An MDT provides a collaborative approach to treatment and care, which includes access to a number of different health professionals (e.g. lung cancer support nurse, medical oncologist and surgeon) throughout the disease trajectory of a lung cancer patient. Hospitals which are able to offer an MDT approach, provide best practice in addressing all aspects of a lung cancer patient’s care including their psychological and physical needs, along with best standards in treatment plans. The directory is an easy to use, online tool to assist a prompt referral into a hospital that strives for the best outcomes for patients diagnosed or living with lung cancer.

We welcome feedback on the content and use of the directory to ensure we are providing an accurate and user friendly tool. Email our Lung Cancer Support Nurse Claire Mulvihill at lungmdt@lungfoundation.com.au or phone freecall on 1800 654 301.