August 11, 2014

New Lung Foundation Palliative Care Resource: Quality of Life Checklist


Lung Foundation Australia has developed a Quality of Life Checklist to help patients and carers identify whether they might benefit from some extra information or support in managing their lung disease. The checklist may be particularly applicable if everyday tasks and activities are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.

When diagnosed with a chronic or terminal lung disease there are many things to consider, not just managing prescribed medicines and treatments, but it is also important to think about energy and mood, diet and exercise and the enjoyment of everyday activities.

As lung disease progresses so will the individual’s needs. At the time of diagnosis or in the early stages of lung disease, doctors may recommend supportive services such as pulmonary rehabilitation to help maintain lung health. As a person’s disease progresses, their doctor may refer them to a palliative care specialist for a needs assessment. The aim of supportive and palliative care is to help people achieve and maintain the best quality of life they can for as long as they can. It ensures their physical, practical, and emotional needs are catered for, and helps them to manage their symptoms so they can feel in control of their situation. Palliative and supportive care does not mean they are near the end of their life, in fact, most people receive supportive and palliative care services together with their treatments for several years.

To view the Quality of Life Checklist, visit The interactive checklist can be completed online, or downloaded in PDF format.