March 12, 2015

New Medicines for the Management of COPD and COPD-X Guidelines Update

COPD Online Training

In 2014, there was an explosion of new medicine for the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Overall, there were six new medicines and two new inhaler devices released onto the market.

To assist health professionals working with patients with COPD to support their patients, Lung Foundation Australia has updated the popular COPD Online training programs for nurses and pharmacists. Theses updates cover all the new medicines and inhaler devices and include instructional videos.

The nurse training carries 12 continuing professional development (CPD) hours with the Australian Primary Care Nurse Association (APNA) and 11 CPD hours with Australian College of Nursing while pharmacists can earn 8 group 2 credits (16 credits) through the Australian Pharmacy Council.

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COPD-X Guidelines Update

The COPD-X Guidelines have been updated and V2.39 is now available for download here. In line with these updates, Stepwise Management of Stable COPD has also been updated to include all the new medicines for COPD and can be downloaded here.

Special features of the new Stepwise include images of all COPD medicines and a guide for the addition of therapies. This table assists practitioners by highlighting medicines that can be used together and those that shouldn’t be used together.

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APNA National Conference

Nurses will have the opportunity to be upskilled on the new medicines for the management of COPD in May. Lung Foundation Australia’s Lung Care Nurse, Ainsley Ringma, will be presenting a pre-conference workshop as part of the APNA National Conference.

The workshop, titled Simplifying medicines and other management strategies for COPD will provide an overview of the medicines available for COPD on the PBS including categories of medicines and correct inhaler technique. The new COPD-X Concise Guide for Primary Care will also be presented and management strategies for COPD discussed.

The Conference is 14 – 16 May on the Gold Coast. For further information and to register visit