December 2, 2015

New series of patient videos aims to improve inhaler device technique

Research tells us that up to 90% of patients with a lung condition are not using their respiratory inhaler device correctly meaning the medicines are not reaching the site of action in the lungs.

During the past two years there has been a significant influx of new medicines for COPD. In 2014 alone there were six new medicines and three new inhaler devices introduced.

In the last two months, another inhaler device arrived. To help support your patients in using their devices correctly, Lung Foundation Australia has released a series of inhaler device technique videos and fact sheets including:

  • Accuhaler®
  • Breezhaler®
  • Ellipta®
  • Genuair®
  • HandiHaler®
  • Pressurised Metered Dose Inhaler (pMDI) or Puffer
  • Puffer and spacers
  • Turbuhaler®
  • Rapihaler™
  • Respimat®

To view these new videos or fact sheets visit the inhaler device technique page for more information.