August 12, 2016

New Studies Show the Internet Significantly Helps in Treating Cancer Patients

New reports on two web-based cancer initiatives provide fresh evidence for the potential of the internet to give patients more influence over the research and treatment of their diseases.

In one study, advanced lung-cancer patients who submitted weekly reports of their symptoms to doctors via a smartphone app lived substantially longer than those who had their disease checked in the normal way with a CT scan every 12 weeks or 24 weeks, French researchers said. After one year, 75% of patients using the app were alive compared with 49% of those who had standard doctor visits.

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International patient-driven ROS1+ research initiative

The Bonnie J. Adario Lung Cancer Foundation (ALCF) is coordinating an international, patient-driven research project for ROS1+ cancer of all types. An initial survey has been designed in collaboration with experts at Stanford University to collect baseline data for any patients with ROS1+ tumours.

This initiative and the ALCF are an excellent mechanism through which patients with this relatively rare type of disease can find support from other patients. Click here for more information.