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We believe that everyone deserves fair access to treatment, care and support, regardless of disease, age, gender or location.  Stand with us and speak out about issues in the lung health space by supporting our advocacy campaigns. You can read, share and use them to lobby your local and state governments for attention on these critical issues.

The Time to Act is Now

To mark World Lung Cancer Day, 12 passionate people living with lung cancer joined us at Parliament House, to share their personal stories and discuss the immense challenges facing all Australians living with lung cancer.

The mission is to let this new Parliament be the first to truly recognise the gaps in treatment, care, and empathy that surround lung cancer, and commit to the policy interventions that can truly make a difference to the lives of those living with and impacted by the disease.

National Strategic Action Plan for Lung Conditions

Lung Foundation Australia worked with the Australian Government Department of Health to develop Australia’s first National Strategic Action Plan for Lung Conditions which launched in Parliament House on Thursday 21 February. This detailed five-year plan will help change the future of lung disease in Australia. It provides a detailed roadmap for government and the healthcare sector to address the burden of lung disease, including lung cancer, COPD, bronchiectasis, occupational lung disease and rare lung conditions. The Action Plan focuses on major gaps in care, where urgent interventions are necessary and can have significant impact.

Making Lung Cancer A Fair Fight – A Blueprint for Reform

In October 2018, Making Lung Cancer a Fair Fight: A Blueprint for Reform was launched. This report is the first-of-its-kind,addressing the social, economic and mental health issues of Australians living with lung cancer. It provides a clear indication of the true burden of lung cancer in Australia, now and over the next decade, as well as the confronting challenges facing those living with lung cancer. Importantly, it outlines solutions to improve outcomes for the many thousands of people living with lung cancer. It is our hope that this latest research will be used to inform decision makers to adopt key reforms and address the disjointed care, mental health and stigma that Australians with lung cancer face – and make lung cancer a fair fight. You can help too – by reading and sharing.