June 13, 2016

Mark Thatcher – COPD

My name is Mark and I live with COPD.  My message to others is to be careful in your workplace and protect yourself if you are working in an environment with occupational dusts and chemicals.

I am only 53 years old. I was first diagnosed with COPD nine years ago when I was suffering severe breathlessness and was admitted to hospital.

The main cause of my COPD was sulphur dusting in vineyards in the South Australian Riverland which was compounded by cigarette smoking.   I started smoking when I was in my teens and despite my diagnosis, I find it very hard to quit.

COPD has had a major impact on my lifestyle. I am now ‘retired’ and on a disability pension. Lucky for me I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world – in Airlie Beach the gateway to the Whitsundays in Queensland.

I recommend you keep in contact with Lung Foundation Australia and get to your GP as soon as possible if your COPD symptoms change.