June 30, 2014

Megan Rushton

Past Chair CPAG (Sep 2012 – Apr 2014)

A Sydneysider, I have had a career in management of several law firms and international banking as well as establishing my own practice management business before being diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease in late 2010. This diagnosis was made only four months after losing my dear friend to COPD for whom I had been her main carer. I spent a year on chemotherapy followed by Pulmonary Rehabilitation. During this time I was just blown away by the excellent care and treatment I was given by my medical team and I felt I just wanted to ‘give back’.

In July 2011 I discovered the fantastic work of the Australian Lung Foundation and subsequently joined the COPD Taskforce as it was known then as a NSW delegate. From there I became Secretary and in late 2012 I assumed the Chair of this group. I am passionate about the need for all Australians to be made more aware of COPD, what it is and what it means to have it as well as promoting good lung health for all.