May 14, 2015

Sian’s Story

“Lung Foundation Australia provides ongoing support for me to understand and better manage my lung disease. Your donation enables them to continue supporting any Australian with a lung condition, so thank you.”

Sian Gleeson has lived with Kartagener’s Syndrome, a rare genetic Sian&Lamb 300pxmutation, since she was born. Lung Foundation Australia supports people like Sian and her family, helping them to understand and manage their health so they can get the most out of life.

Lung disease doesn’t just affect me, my whole family shares my journey.

The beginning of my health issues were discovered not long after my birth. My family were faced with the challenges of learning what the condition was, and how this would affect our family life and future. Luckily, the Lung Foundation was there to help us through this difficult time.

The resources and support they provide really helped us understand and come to terms with my condition and they’ve encouraged me to strive for the healthiest life I can have. If you have a concern or even if you are just curious about your lungs or body in general, seek trusted advice from the Lung Foundation. Don’t just Google your symptoms and become afraid of the unknown. Be aware, understand your condition, and take control of the action.

Every day is determined by my health. On a healthy day, I am involved in a pulmonary rehabilitation program that encourages me to focus on my fitness levels, with physical activities that ultimately reduce my symptoms. When my health is at its peak I enjoy long distance walking, going to the beach and playing with Dexter, my Golden Retriever.

Sian&Dog 300pxBut, due to the uncertainty of my health, especially when my symptoms are at their worst, there are many things I cannot do. I can’t keep a job as I am often kept home with illness. I have had to switch my university education to online studies and after seven years I had to give up a favourite activity, salsa dancing, due to my poor health.

Lung disease is a burden that impacts every aspect of my life. One of the biggest challenges is that it isn’t easy to describe my condition in one word like ‘cancer’ or ‘asthma’. Lung Foundation Australia help and encourage me to understand and communicate my conditions, not just in medical terms, but how they affect my life and the lives of those around me.

Lung Foundation Australia gave me hope.

Please help them continue supporting families like mine so that no-one has to face lung disease alone.

 ~ Sian