Peer Support Group Leaders

 COVID-19 Update

Due to current circumstances with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Lung Foundation Australia has postponed face to face activities. We advise members of our peer support group community to practice physical distancing and avoid face to face meeting or activities at this time.

We recognise that peer support is still an important part of our community, now more than ever. We look forward to providing opportunities for our peer support groups to keep connected during this time and hope to support everyone in their welbeing and selfcare.

Peer Mentor Program

Connecting with someone else who has insight into the group leader role when starting your own group can be immensely helpful. Lung Foundation Australia is offering new peer support group leaders the opportunity to connect with experienced group leaders through our Peer Mentor program.

Becoming a Peer Mentor provides an opportunity to share your experiences and welcome new group leaders from across Australia into the ‘Better Together’ community. Your experience will provide valuable insights and ideas to guide new Leaders.

As a Peer Mentor you will:

  • Provide up to four telephone check-ins to a new group leader
  • Share your ideas for group meetings and resources
  • Provide and receive support from your peer match
  • Receive facilitation support from Lung Foundation Australia

Better Together Ideas and Inspiration

Lung Foundation Australia invites all Peer Support Group Leaders to contribute to the ‘Ideas Bank.’ Share your ideas for keeping connected with your Peer Support Group and tips for activities, and facilitation.  We would love to showcase your ideas to encourage and support each other. Each month we will be gathering your feedback to create an evolving document of ideas and inspiration to feature in the next edition of the “Better Together” Group Leader newsletter.

You can contribute to the Ideas Bank by using the form below.

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