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Lung cancer

Lung Foundation Australia offers a Telephone Support Group service for people living with Lung Cancer. We invite you to join a Telephone Support Group so you can connect with others with a similar lived experience of Lung Cancer.

Lung Cancer Telephone Support Groups

Our Telephone Support Groups (TSGs) are a form of peer support that enables people across to Australia to connect with each other from the comfort of their own home. TSGs are free and confidential groups held each month and are open to lung cancer patients at any stage of their illness.

Qualified Lung Foundation Australia staff facilitate the group meetings to provide support when and if needed, as members discuss topics related to their lung cancer journey. Whether you want to participate in a TSG each month, or join in once a year, these groups will be available for members to access throughout the year.

Interested in joining a Telephone Support Group?

If you are wanting to join a TSG, or are interested in learning more, please call our Information and Support Centre for further information.

What are the benefits of Telephone Support Groups?

TSGs provides a safe space for people living with lung cancer to share experiences, insights, offer support for each other, and discuss ways to manage challenges.

Benefits of the TSG service may include:

  • Encouragement and support from peers
  • Reduced isolation and increased sense of connection
  • A space to express oneself freely and safely
  • Learning practical tips for managing challenges

Telephone Support Group facilitators

TSGs are facilitated by Lung Foundation Australia’s Lung Cancer Support Nurse and two of our long-standing trained facilitators. The role of the facilitators is to guide the  TSG meeting and create a safe and welcoming space for you to share your thoughts, experiences and hopes.

Lung Cancer Peer Support Groups

Lung Foundation Australia supports a network of peer support groups throughout Australia for patients and carers affected by lung disease and lung cancer. These groups provide people in similar situations the opportunity to come together to support each other, share practical tips and help break down the sense of isolation that can often be experienced.

Please see below some of our dedicated lung cancer peer support groups. You can also visit our peer support group map to find other groups that may be in your area.

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