October 27, 2015

PBS Post-Market Review of COPD Medicines – Opportunity to Comment on Draft Terms of Reference

Lung Foundation Australia will comment of the Draft Terms of Reference for a post-market review of COPD medicines listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). We welcome the intention to conduct a review and will advocate that the focus should be on the quality use of medicines. This will ensure the review provides the opportunity to explore any inconsistencies against the current evidence, and importantly recommend strategies to limit these.

Lung Foundation Australia plays an important role in developing and translating the Guidelines to promote best practice across a range of settings to optimise function for people with COPD.

The Department is seeking comment on the draft Terms of Reference until the 30 October 2015. Further information on the review, including the process for providing comments on the draft Terms of Reference, are available on the PBS Reviews website, click here.