October 8, 2015

QUIT4october and ‘QUIT4Life’

QUIT4october is a month-long initiative dedicated to helping people to quit smoking with the support of their health professional.

The QUIT4october campaign is being piloted by Lung Foundation Australia in four areas across Australia including three regional areas: Ballarat (Victoria), Toowoomba (Queensland), Dubbo and Ryde (New South Wales).

The campaign is based on evidence that those who achieve their goal of being smoke free for 28 days, are at least five times more likely to become permanent ex-smokers than they were at the start, as a result of having recovered from the worst of the cravings and withdrawal.

The QUIT4october campaign encourages smokers to get on board and discuss a personalised smoking cessation program with their health professional.

The campaign supports best practice for quitting smoking through behavioural counselling including the support of a health professional and use of medicine for the treatment of smoking addiction.

Smoking remains the single greatest preventable cause of death and disability in Australia. Each year, smoking kills around 15,000 Australians with two in every three lifelong smokers dying prematurely from their habit.

People who smoke lose three months of life expectancy each year they smoke after the age of 35 and on average will live 10 years less than non-smokers.

The QUIT4october pilot program is championed by Lung Foundation Australia and sponsored by Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd and Johnson & Johnson Pacific. For more information, please visit www.quit4october.com.au.

While QUIT4october is being piloted and evaluated in four areas, anyone can get involved.