May 2, 2014

Rekindling your relationship after cancer

Together, Cancer Council NSW and The University of Sydney are working on an exciting new research study for people who have had cancer and their partners.

Estimates are that 40-100% of cancer survivors experience negative sexual changes after treatment.

Changes to sexuality can lead to distress for patients and their partners, and can greatly impact quality of life.

Our study aims to investigate concerns about sexuality after cancer. We are calling it Rekindle.

The first of its kind, Rekindle will be an evidence-based online resource that will allow users to choose the level and style of information that they would like.

The study will be presented via a website, with participants logging in to a private site to go through a personalised series of videos and exercises with the aim of improving sexuality after cancer.

To make Rekindle as realistic and relatable as possible, we will be featuring real-life patients, partners, and health professionals in the videos throughout the study.

As discussed we’d be delighted if you, your family member, and your wider network of cancer contacts might be interested in appearing in the Rekindle suite of videos.

Some of the topics we will be asking about include:

  • How your relationships may have changed after your cancer treatment ended
  • How you feel about your body after cancer
  • The impact the cancer treatment or the cancer itself may have had on your sexuality and your sex life
  • Side effects of cancer treatments, and how these have impacted your sexuality
  • How you addressed these changes and advice you would give to someone about to start their life after cancer

The tone of the site will be mature, fun, warm and tasteful, and patients and partners are welcome to appear separately or together.

We would very much appreciate your input into this important and exciting project. The video component will be filmed in late May 2014.

To express your interest in Rekindle, or if you have any questions at all, please contact either me or the Rekindle Project Manager, Amelia Beaumont on 0414 410 726 or at