February 18, 2016

Research snapshot: new approach to management of COPD

Lung Foundation Australia believes research is one of the most effective ways to improve the prevention, detection, treatment and management of lung disease. We have provided almost $1 million in the past five years to support COPD research, which is only part of our overall research investment. In each issue we will update you on some of the research initiatives we are supporting.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Vanessa McDonald on the completion of her COPD Research Fellowship. A/Prof McDonald focused on a new approach to the management of COPD by exploring the use of a simple blood test to guide COPD management. This could improve the range of treatment options available to people with COPD by individualising medicine to the specific inflammatory process present in each person. The research is still ongoing, however the support of this two year Research Fellowship has enabled success in additional grants, with A/Prof McDonald recently awarded a 2016 NHMRC fellowship to continue her research. Well done!