March 4, 2016

Self-management DVDs now on sale!

Lung Foundation Australia’s Better Living with Your Lung Disease self-management DVDs help people living with lung disease to better manage their disease, symptoms and treatment.

The DVDs are an excellent opportunity for patients to learn the importance of managing their disease and techniques on how they can implement these strategies in their homes and are currently on sale.

Until 31 March, the DVDs are on sale for $15 for the single DVD with all 10 topics and $25 for the suite of 10 topics on individual DVDs. The Health Professional Kits are also on sale for $45 so order yours today.

These DVDs are especially useful for people in regional areas and will help patients live the highest quality of life possible, within the constraints of their illness.

The topics included are:

  1. Managing your lung disease
  2. How do your lungs work?
  3. Managing your breathlessness
  4. Managing treatment options
  5. Questions you can ask your health professional?
  6. Who is your healthcare team?
  7. Managing your fatigue and energy conservation
  8. Tips for looking after yourself and your disease
  9. Benefits of physical activity programs and ongoing support
  10. Supportive care and end of life issues

We know that helping people to better manage their condition reduces hospitalisations and improves their quality of life.

To buy your copy of the DVD visit our shop by clicking here or phone our freecall Information and Support Centre on 1800 654 301.