May 13, 2016

Special seminar for the thousands of Gold Coast residents with a lung disease

Research shows up to 90% of Australians with a lung condition are not using their inhaler device (puffer) correctly, causing them to use more medication, often less effectivelyi.

Lung Foundation Australia CEO Heather Allan said with eight new COPD medicines and three new inhaler devices introduced in the last two years, there was a lot of confusion about how to use the new devices, a perfect example of how people might not be getting the most from their medicines.

“By using the right medication and treatment options, patients can gain better control of their COPD or other lung condition and it may even mean they need to take less medicationii,” Mrs Allan said.

“With at least one in ten people in Australia having a chronic lung disease, this can have a huge impact,” she said.

“On the Gold Coast, this means about 55,000 people will have a problem with their lungs and are probably taking medication to help manage their symptomsiii.

“With good self-management and knowledge about their condition, people can be better informed and in control of their lives.

“To ensure the material is relevant to the community, we have sourced accredited speakers from the Gold Coast University Hospital to discuss tips and alternative ways of making everyday tasks a bit easier.”

Mrs Allan said people with COPD and other lung conditions can do small things to help reduce their overall breathlessness like sitting down when cutting their vegetables or folding their washing, making the task easier.

“Education and up-to-date information is essential to help people live better with their lung disease,” she said.

Lung Foundation Australia is holding a patient seminar at the Currumbin RSL Club to help people better understand their medication and find out more about looking after their lung health.

For more information or to RSVP to the seminar phone freecall 1800 654 301 or visit

More information

Date: Wednesday 1st of June 

Time:  9.00am —12.00 noon

Venue: Currumbin RSL Club, 165 Duringan Street, Currumbin QLD 4223

Cost: $10 (payable on the day)


  • COPD – What is it? And how can it be treated? – Associate Professor Siva Sivakumaran, general respiratory physician and current Medical Director of the respiratory department at the Gold Coast University Hospital
  • Managing the activities of daily living – Anne Sinclair, Senior Occupational Therapist at the Gold Coast University Hospital