February 20, 2017

Staff news

As Lung Foundation Australia continues to grow, there has been a number of staff changes and new roles created as we move into 2017!

In January we welcomed four members
to the team:

  • Danielle Aami – Senior Manager – Marketing and Communications
  • Jane Kerr – General Manager – Lung Cancer National Program
  • Desiree Vedia – Education and Training Coordinator
  • Maheshi Wadasinghe – Respiratory Project Officer

n November, Michelle Wacker resigned from the Information and Support Centre and to cover this vital role we were fortunate to welcome back Jenny Hose. In February, we farewelled Diane Barton, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, COPD and Sonia Boyd, Program Manager – Rare Lung Disease. We wish Michelle, Di and Sonia all the best in their new positions.

Lung Foundation staff celebrate 10 years of service

2016 was a milestone year for a number of Lung Foundation Australia staff who all attained or surpassed 10 years of service. In November, CEO Heather Allan; Lung Cancer National Program Director Glenda Colburn; Information and Support Centre Coordinators Juli
et Brown and Jenny Hose and Information and Support Centre Volunteer, Eileen Perry were presented with awards in recognition of their commitment and loyalty to the Foundation.

LungNet News volunteer, Maureen Smith retires

Lung Foundation Australia pays tribute to our long-term LungNet News volunteer Mrs Maureen Smith who retired in January 2017 after 18 years of service. Maureen began volunteering with the Foundation in September 1998 as a result of her husband Neville’s lung disease diagnosis. Following Neville’s passing, Maureen continued her commitment to volunteering as she enjoyed the friendship and camaraderie of the volunteer team. Lung Foundation Australia staff will miss having her in the office and sincerely thank her for the many hours spent labelling and mailing the newsletter.

Lung Foundation Australia staff walk through November

As part of November’s Lung Health Awareness Month activities, 16 Lung Foundation Australia staff took up a month-long walking challenge in which they aimed to walk 11,270 steps a day to represent the number of people diagnosed with lung cancer in Australia each year. By the end of the month, a combined total of 4,108,894 steps were achieved, which is a distance of about 3,130 kilometres, or a walk from our Brisbane office in Milton to Melbourne and back.

Volunteer, Sandra Franklin honoured with Heart Foundation Award

The Lung Foundation congratulates our LungNet News volunteer Sandra Franklin on her recent Golden Shoe Award from the Heart Foundation. Sandra is a keen walker and has been a member of the Woodridge Walkers for a number of years. She won the title of “National and State (QLD) Walker” for 2016 and received her Award at Government House in Brisbane in November.