August 11, 2014

Staff News

In April, we were sorry to say goodbye to Karen Wright, a long-serving Lung Foundation Australia staff member who had worked as the Project Officer within the COPD National Program since 2006.  She was well known to those involved in World COPD Day activities, the members of the COPD Patient Advocate Group (CPAG) and many of our Patient Support Groups, as well as the COPD Consultative Committees to whom she provided administrative support.  Karen has taken up the opportunity to work closer to her home in an exciting new role where we are sure she’ll do a great job and they will appreciate her skills.  Best wishes for a great future Karen!

In May, we farewelled our Lung Care Nurse, Rina Waller who has moved on to a full-time clinical position with a Heart and Lung Team in Brisbane.  We’d like to thank Rina for her time working with us and wish her all the best for the future.