November 16, 2015

Thank you for the support for Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Lung Foundation Australia wants to thank everyone who supported the current campaign to make pulmonary rehabilitation and maintenance more accessible by putting them on Medicare.

Lung Foundation Australia CEO Heather Allan said there was overwhelming support for this MBS application from our partner organisations working across lung health.

“But the significant support has been from those diagnosed and living with lung disease,” Mrs Allan said.

“We received many letters and emails of support detailing how these exercise programs have positively helped people’s health and wellbeing,” she said.

“People have taken this opportunity to describe how they can do more, feel better and stay out of hospital.

“But this is not the end of the road. There is lots more work to be done before we can make sure this effective, evidence-based program is available for the hundreds of thousands of people who would benefit.”

Mrs Allan said pulmonary rehabilitation was an exercise and education program provided by specially trained health professionals such as physiotherapists and exercise physiologists.

“Given the compelling evidence for the importance of exercise in those with lung disease, Lung Foundation Australia has pursued this application for an MBS item number pulmonary rehabilitation and pulmonary maintenance exercise,” Mrs Allan said.

“It also helps people with lung disease develop the skills they need to manage their breathlessness and to stay well,” she said.

If the application is successful, more programs will be available in the community especially in rural and remote areas which are heavily under-serviced at the moment.

The draft protocol was open for public comment from 12 October to 13 November.

For more information or to keep up-to-date with the application visit