February 22, 2017

The Australian Bronchiectasis Registry: Welcome to Alice Springs

Bronchiectasis can develop in people of any age and cultural background but even so it is increasingly recognised that Indigenous Australians living in remote Australia are particularly at risk.

Studies have shown an unacceptably high burden of ill-health and premature death from bronchiectasis especially in Indigenous children and younger persons. Consequently, the Australian Bronchiectasis Registry aims to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, from central and northern Australia will be well represented in the registry and that it will substantially benefit Indigenous Australians.

In December 2016, Registry Investigators from Alice Springs Hospital led by Prof Graeme Maguire from Baker IDI, were pleased to officially kick off registry recruitment in central Australia. The information collected will enable health professionals to better understand the prevalence rates and disease patterns of bronchiectasis in central Australia and to facilitate better targeting of improvements in healthcare service delivery and treatment.

The Registry is respectful of the knowledge systems, cultural practices, beliefs, experience and values of all Indigenous participants and their family’s invaluable contribution of knowledge and experience will be acknowledged in the research findings.

The Registry is also expected to start recruitment in collaboration with the Royal Darwin Hospital and Menzies School of Health Research in early 2017. For further information or to register your interest, please contact the ABR Project Manager by emailing abr@lungfoundation.com.au or phone 0478 947 428.