May 12, 2016

The friendship with the other volunteers is great – Margaret Moran

National Volunteer Week is an annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contribution of our volunteers. Lung Foundation Australia takes this opportunity to thank the hundreds of volunteers who generously donate their time, skills and support to making lung health a priority in Australia.

This week we have put together a few profiles of our hardworking volunteers so that you can get to know them too. Find out about Margaret:

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

MargaretMy name is Margaret Moran and I am a retired bookkeeper and worked at BHP Reinforcing Products until my retirement in 2012. I am widowed with two children, Shane and Nikki. I also have a 21 year old grandson, Wade, and a 19 year old granddaughter, Caitlin. I enjoy travelling and going on car rallies in my 1968 Mustang Coupe.

What made you decide to become a volunteer?

When I retired I decided I would give something back to the community and volunteering seemed to be the way to go.

Why did you become a volunteer at Lung Foundation Australia?

I became a volunteer for the Lung Foundation in 2012. My late husband Brian was already a volunteer there at the time. He had retired due to ill health a year earlier. He suffered from Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and researched and found the Lung Foundation online. From there he also found the Logan Breatheasy Group and enjoyed meeting and supporting other members with lung problems. Brian passed away in March 2008, but I am still a regular face at the Lung Foundation.

What is the most rewarding part of volunteering?

I enjoy going in and doing whatever the staff need doing. My main area is LungNet News, but I am happy to do anything that needs to be done. The friendship with the other volunteers is great and we all enjoy a chat while our hands are doing busy work.

What are the challenges, if any?

I haven’t found any challenges in doing this work. The only time there might be a problem is if the dates coincide with some of my travel dates, but I try to work around this as best I can.

Would you encourage others to volunteer?

I would encourage anyone to become a volunteer. The work is not taxing, the fellowship is great and I have met some lovely travelling companions through the group which saves having to pay a single supplement on some of my cruises. When I open my diary and see LungNet pencilled in, it gives me purpose and I go home with a new lease on life.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed.