World COPD Day

World COPD Day 2019

This World COPD day (November 20), Lung Foundation Australia is encouraging people living with COPD to reach out and connect with support services and resources that can help you understand your condition and improve your wellbeing.

Reach Out

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is an emotionally challenging disease, and it can take its toll on your emotional wellbeing. People living with COPD face many emotional, psychological and practical day-to-day demands on top of the physical impacts of the disease and its treatment.

Living with COPD is a different experience for everyone. Many people find that the physical symptoms of COPD can be stressful and upsetting. Some people feel anxious when they can’t breathe properly. Others feel frustrated, left-out and lonely when they can’t keep up with their friends and families. Anxiety and depression are not uncommon in COPD and being a carer can also be very stressful.

It is very important to find support to help you manage your condition. Support can be found in many places: your healthcare team, health and community services, family and friends and broader social networks.

Get Involved

World COPD Day Events

Lung Foundation Australia has developed a World COPD Day digital promotion pack with a selection of materials that can support your events and promotional efforts. Please download a free copy of the pack, which includes: social media collateral, newsletter content, event posters and a PDF copy of the Lung Health Checklist.

Please note: In previous years our efforts have focused on mobilising the COPD community through awareness events, which has involved Lung Foundation Australia supplying hard copy resource packs. Through our refined focus on connecting people with care this year and in considering ways to reduce waste, a selection of resources and promotional materials will be provided digitally as mentioned above.

We also have a range of free and paid merchandise available through our online shop.

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