How can I reach a specialist lung cancer nurse?

Lung Foundation Australia can provide access to a Lung Cancer Support Nurse who is available for free telephone appointments for patients, their families and carers at any stage of their lung cancer journey.

Lung Foundation Australia’s Lung Cancer Support Nurse is a highly experienced oncology nurse who can provide evidence-based information and support regarding a lung cancer diagnosis, treatment, symptom management and wellbeing, in addition to guidance about relevant support services.

There are only 12 full-time-equivalent specialist lung cancer nurses in the whole of Australia. This number is meant to cater to the 12,000 newly diagnosed lung cancer patients in Australians every year. There simply aren’t enough specialist nurses – it doesn’t even scratch the surface of what is needed.

Lung Foundation Australia is currently calling on the Federal Government to fund more specialist lung cancer nurses. To find out how you can help champion equal access to treatment and care, or to book a free telephone appointment with our Lung Cancer Support Nurse, connect with us today.

How can I reach a specialist lung cancer nurse? Well, the Lung Foundation employs a specialist lung cancer nurse that can help you through your journey, from the start all the way through. They’re there to support you, your family and your carers.

A lung cancer specialist nurse can answer a number of questions that you have. Currently, in Australia, we only have the equivalent of twelve full-time lung cancer specialist nurses, which is pretty dismal, considering there will be twelve-thousand people diagnosed with lung cancer this year. So, unfortunately, something needs to change that.

Presently the Lung Foundation is lobbying the government to try and get more funding so we can get more specialist lung cancer nurses, which will be fantastic. So any help and support that you can do there as well, just go to the Lung Foundation Australia site. Lung Cancer Search and Rescue. Hope in every breath.

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Misinformation is real, but Lung Foundation Australia is committed to empowering those living with lung cancer with the facts and support they need. Connect with us today for guidance, information and support.

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