Tips for success

Tips for success

Consider utilising some of these simple tips and tricks to engage your community and promote your fundraising campaign.


  • Brainstorm fundraising ideas. 
  • Decide on a fundraising $ target.
  • Register your event on Grassrootz fundraising platform.  

Make a donation

  • Be the first to donate to your campaign to show supporters your commitment to fundraising.  

Share Your Story

  • Record a video or write a post about why you are raising funds for Lung Foundation Australia. 

Spread the Word

  • Encourage your community to donate through social media, emails and sharing event posters.
  • Download the complete fundraising toolkit for helpful social media resources.

Keep People Informed

  • Update your community regularly on how your fundraising activities are going.  

Thank Your Supporters

  • Thank those who have donated throughout your fundraising campaign. Post about supporters publicly to encourage others in your community to donate.