• Give hope. Give to research.

    Lung Foundation Australia is proud to launch the Hope Research Fund, with the powerful pledge to raise $50 million by 2030 to fund life-changing advancements in lung disease and lung cancer research.

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  • COVID-19 Vaccine

    As the government roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccines continues, Lung Foundation Australia will monitor reputable sources for information to help answer your questions.

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  • 30 Reasons for Research

    In honour of our 30th anniversary, we’re highlighting 30 reasons to donate to life-changing lung disease and lung cancer research.

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  • Access free information and support

    Lung Foundation Australia’s Information and Support Centre provides guidance, information and support, and connects you to relevant support services.

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  • Are you exposed to dust, fumes, gases or other hazardous agents?

    Take the Healthy Lungs at Work quiz to help you find out whether you may be at risk of developing an Occupational Lung Disease.

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    Who are we

    What we are up against

    Since 1990, as Australia’s leading lung health body, Lung Foundation Australia has been committed to improving the lives of Australians living with or impacted by lung disease and lung cancer. We enable life-saving research, and champion programs and services to support Australians with lung disease and lung cancer to live their best life.

    • 1 in 3

      Australians has a lung disease

    • 2nd

      leading cause of death

    • 45

      loved ones lost every day

    Hope through research

    Give hope today

    We are proud to launch the Hope Research Fund, with the powerful pledge to raise $50 million by 2030 to fund life-changing advancements in lung disease and lung cancer research. With 45 Australian families losing a loved one to lung conditions every day, research is more important than ever. With your help, we can provide hope that has never existed before.

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    • Without research, I don’t know where we would be today. He might be a very sick boy, and potentially we could lose him.

      Lauren, mother of Ethan (7) living with bronchiectasis

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    • Research is the line between our reality and our dreams, they call it research, we call it hope. 

      Michel, living with lung cancer

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