Multidisciplinary Teams

The multi-disciplinary team (MDT) approach improves patient care and outcomes by minimising delays between diagnosis and commencement of treatment.

The Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) is a group of expert medical and allied health professionals from various specialties who meet to develop and review treatment plans for cancer patients. This approach facilitates communication amongst disciplines and ensures consideration of all treatment modalities and options for patients with cancer. Treatment plans are collaboratively developed and take into consideration the personal preferences of patients along with their individual supportive care needs. The treatment plan is discussed with patients and then shared with their primary care health professional.

Lung Cancer Multi-Disciplinary Teams
Australian guidelines highlight the need for rapid referral of patients with suspected or proven lung cancer to a hospital and specialist linked with a lung cancer MDT service.

The multidisciplinary approach to cancer care is considered best-practice in treatment planning and care provision. The benefits of this approach for patients include increased survival, shorter timeframes from diagnosis to treatment, and improved access to information and psychosocial support.

The MDT directory has been compiled to inform patients and primary health professionals of the location of Lung Cancer MDTs throughout Australia. The directory can be searched on a state basis, and a map function is also available to assist with referral decisions.