COVID-19: A roadmap for recovery

Information paper

The following report COVID-19: A roadmap for recovery by Lung Foundation Australia discusses the results from our national survey about the experiences of Australians throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of ongoing COVID-19 symptoms.  We further gained a unique insight into the impacts of COVID-19 for the lung disease community and a better understanding of gaps in support for Australians living with ongoing COVID-19 symptoms. This report outlines the following:

  • Experience of Australians through the pandemic
  • Experience of Australians living with a lung disease or other chronic condition
  • Experience of carers
  • Healthcare access
  • Mental health
  • Immunisation
  • The view of Australians on disease prevention, the future and government trust
  • Recommendations

In 2022, Lung Foundation Australia also commissioned The George Institute for Global Health to complete a scoping literature review to look at the characteristics and impact of long COVID in people with lung disease. Read the literature review in our Characteristics and impact of long COVID-19 in people with lung disease resource.