OLD National Directory


This directory is for employees, employers, members of the public and people living with an Occupational Lung Disease (OLD). If you have been exposed to dust, fumes, gases or other hazardous agents in your workplace or while undergoing renovations, or, you are living with an OLD (or a carer), this directory is for you.

In this directory, you will find information on compensation and health monitoring, as well as information and support services and resources, which can be filtered by your relevant state or territory. If you are living with an OLD, or are a carer, you can use the filter to select the information that is relevant to your condition.

*The term, occupational lung disease, covers a wide variety of different lung conditions which are caused by breathing in dust, fumes, gases or other hazardous agents in the work environment. Examples of conditions include asbestosis, work-related asthma, coal worker’s pneumoconiosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), mesothelioma and silicosis.