Lung Cancer Nurses

Each year, approximately 12,700 Australian men and women will be diagnosed with lung cancer, yet there are only 12 full time equivalent specialist lung cancer nurses to help these Australians navigate the complex clinical pathways they face on their cancer journey. This is not a fair go.

We know from the experience of people living with  breast and prostate cancer, accessing specialist cancer nurses helps them to gain access to the right treatments at the right time, reduce hospital admissions, improve quality of life and increase  their chance of surviving cancer.

The Federal Government funds 98 breast cancer nurses and 62 prostate cancer nurses; but no lung cancer nurses. Our Lung Cancer Scorecard presents a snapshot of the inequities faced by lung cancer patients.

We are calling on the Federal Government to fund 15 lung cancer nurses in the 2020/2021 federal budget, to provide much needed support and care to the Australians affected by the biggest cancer killer in this country.

Our 2020 parliamentary e-petition calling on the House of Representatives to support our budget request was signed by 4225 Australians. John Alexander OAM MP and Steve Georganas MP, as co-chairs of the Parliamentary Friends for Lung Health and Lung Cancer will present the petition to the House when parliament resumes its normal operations.