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Turn the tide on lung cancer

The next breath

Accelerating Lung Cancer Reform in Australia

An Australian family loses a loved one to lung cancer every hour. It is our nation’s biggest cancer killer yet government funding for early detection, research, treatment and support is devastatingly low. Lung Foundation Australia’s new report The Next Breath: Accelerating Lung Cancer Reform in Australia 2022-2025 highlights the devastating and inequitable impact of lung cancer on Australians and provides the government with six urgent actions to turn the tide. Ten Australians living with lung cancer have come together in a powerful video urging the government to adopt the recommendations in the report.
You can help by sharing the video on social media and calling on your local Member of Parliament to help save thousands of lives.
"It is time for Australia to break the barriers limiting progress. We believe that a new era for lung cancer care is within reach."
Associate Professor Nicole Rankin - Chair, Lung Foundation Australia's Lung Cancer Blueprint 2.0

The growing burden of lung cancer in Australia


Australians were diagnosed in 2021 – that’s 37 people a day


cancer killer – taking more lives than breast & prostate combined


5-year survival rate – the lowest of the 5 most common cancers


Australians lost their lives in 2021 – almost one every hour


billion increase in economic burden by 2031


of patients experience distress, anxiety or depression – this is 30% higher than other common cancers

1 in 3

Australians believe patients ‘only have themselves to blame’


First Nations people and those living in regional and remote areas are disproportionately affected

Recommendations for Lung Cancer Reform

The Blueprint, The Next Breath: Accelerating Lung Cancer Reform in Australia, identifies the critical issues in lung cancer that need government investment and coordinated national action. It provides a framework to drive significant change that can transform lung cancer care and save lives.

The lung cancer community is determined to change the story of lung cancer and the six recommendations for lung cancer reform in Australia outlined in the Blueprint can help make this happen.

We're calling on the government to invest in:

Lung Cancer Prevention and Risk Reduction

Invest in lung cancer prevention policy and programs including smoking cessation and tobacco control, healthy and safe workplaces, and clean air.

Lung Cancer Screening

Implement a National Lung Cancer Screening Program to diagnose Australians with lung cancer at an earlier stage of disease to save lives.

Specialist Lung Cancer Nurses

Invest in 100 Government-funded Specialist Lung Cancer Nurses by 2025.

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

Implement Government-funded Comprehensive Genomic Profiling as standard of care for lung cancer patients in Australia.

Lung Cancer Survivorship

Greater research investment and focus on lung cancer survivorship through practical resources.

Clinical Quality Registry

Develop a world-leading national clinical quality registry for lung cancer to improve the quality and value of lung cancer care.

About Lung Foundation Australia
Lung Foundation Australia is the nation’s leading peak body for respiratory health and lung disease. We fund life-changing research and deliver support services to enable Australians with lung disease and lung cancer to live their best life.

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The Blueprint development and launch was funded by Lung Ambition Alliance and AstraZeneca.