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When you are first diagnosed with silicosis and throughout the different phases of your treatment and adjustment, it is normal to experience a range of emotions such as fear, sadness, anxiety, anger and frustration.

Our Silicosis Social Work program is a free telephone-based service for people living with silicosis, and their family and carers. Through the service, our social worker can help you or your loved one to navigate the practical and emotional impacts of living with silicosis.

We aim to empower you to manage your condition and provide you with information, support and referral pathways to help you live well with your condition. To arrange a free telephone appointment, please contact the Information and Support Centre on free call 1800 654 301 (option 3) or complete the form.

Find out more information to support people living with silicosis through symptom management, as well as an overview of the treatments available for silicosis.

Explore our Silicosis section to know more about silicosis and its diagnosis and management.