Stand with us as we work towards equitable access to respiratory treatments and specialist care, a cleaner environment and lung-safe workplaces, homes and communities.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

We work to secure timely and equitable access to respiratory medicines that improve the health, social and economic outcomes of people impacted by lung disease or lung cancer.

To do this, we make submissions to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) – the body that decides which medicines should be subsidised by the Federal Government under Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). We also support our members to make individual submissions to the PBAC.

You can find information on the PBAC here and the PBS here.

We seek the views and experiences of our members, of treatments under consideration by the PBAC, in advance of PBAC meetings. For more information on the meeting schedule of the PBAC, outcomes and public summary documents please click here.

If you wish to make an individual submission to the PBAC regarding a proposed listing, we recommend accessing the guides featured below and the Patient Voice Initiative website for support in preparing a submission.

PBAC November 2020 Agenda Items

Lung Foundation Australia is seeking input from consumers to inform submissions on proposed listings of respiratory medicines on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

To view the agenda items, follow the link below.

Lung cancer

Your Voice advocates for Lung Cancer – focused on making change for lung cancer patients and their families – engage with a range of stakeholders to achieve the objectives set out in Making Lung Cancer a fair fight: a blueprint for reform.

Occupational Lung Disease

Lung Foundation Australia advocate for safe and fair workplaces. To that end, we work towards ensuring workers are protected from occupational lung disease by world-leading safety practices and cutting-edge technology and health surveillance.

Our submission to the Dust Diseases Taskforce can be found here. And our joint submission with Cancer Council Queensland, to the Queensland Government on health surveillance for mineral miners and quarry workers can be found here.


Tobacco control

Lung Foundation Australia is Australia’s only peak consumer informed organisation focused on strengthening the lung health of all Australians and supporting those experiencing a lung disease.

Lung Foundation Australia believes Australians want to, and will, achieve a tobacco-free and nicotine-free society. In reaching that goal, we support people who wish to, and find it difficult to, end their nicotine addiction, and we advocate for human centred, evidence-based smoking cessation methods to empower individuals to make informed health choices.

We are fearless in our opposition to big tobacco.  We understand the pain inflicted by big tobacco – in their pursuit of profit – on millions of Australians addicted to nicotine. Through our campaigns, programs and services, and with our partners, we empower individuals in their efforts to achieve a healthier, nicotine-free lifestyle.

Clean Air

A clean environment is essential to healthy lungs. Lung Foundation Australia, in partnership with a range of other health organisations, researchers, leading experts and environmental advocates, work to secure clean air for all Australians. We support the research and advocacy work of leading lawyers, economists and scientists, as it informs the policy decisions we take to build a healthy, prosperous Australian community. Our current work includes: advocacy for stronger ambient air standards (ie. cleaner air) and research into the health impact of bushfires.

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