2020 PRIME Awards Non-Government Organisation (NGO) of the Year

September 24 2020

Lung Foundation Australia is honoured to receive two 2020 PRIME Awards: 

  • Non-Government Organisation (NGO) of the Year Award – recognising a huge contribution to the quality of Australian healthcare and improvements to the lives of Australian patients.  

The award recognises Lung Foundation Australia’s achievements through public relations, advocacy and education over the last 18 months to make major inroads in quelling the impact of stigma, driving policy interventions and delivering critical patient support.  

  • Best use of Data and Insights Award – recognising the best use of data or market insights in creating, targeting or executing a programme of work.  

The award recognises Lung Cancer Search and Rescue, a search engine optimised campaign providing answers to the 30 most Googled questions on lung cancer, delivered in a relatable and hopeful way by Australians living with lung cancer. This campaign was in direct response to an unmet need within the lung cancer community, which has never been greater in today’s pandemic. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our community, those impacted by lung disease or lung cancer, for their ongoing support – you are our driving purpose and are at the heart of everything we do Thank you also to our donors and health professional community – your support and input are invaluable.   

“2020 has been a difficult year for members of our community, who have faced great challenges from the 2019-2020 megafires and their heightened risk of a severe infection of COVID-19. This past year has demonstrated why investment into lung disease and lung cancer research and support is essential.”  

“It has been our privilege to help and support our community through this difficult time and we thank the Prime Awards for recognising our efforts over the last year. Our work is only made possible through the support of our community and the outstanding work of our staff and hundreds of volunteers around Australia.” 

Lung Foundation Australia CEO Mark Brooke.

Over the last 30 years, with the help of our community, we have raised and invested over $40 million in research that’s changing the way we think about lung disease and lung cancer, accelerating advancements in the prevention, treatment and search for a cure. Together with your help, we’re changing the conversation around lung disease and lung cancer in Australia and building a brighter future for those impacted.   

Lung Cancer Search & Rescue 

Australians search for lung cancer information a staggering 92,000 times a month. A national survey exposed that they are unhappy with the quality and credibility of health information they find online.  

Lung Foundation Australia (LFA) together with LIFE Agency, supported by AstraZeneca, took on the 30 most Googled questions about lung cancer via a specialist search engine optimised campaign. 15 brave patients filmed themselves tackling these questions, delivering the facts in a relatable, empathetic, accurate, and hopeful way.   

Thank you to our amazing consumer advocates who brought this campaign to life.