Meet the Instructor: Nick

June 28 2019

Lungs in Action Instructor Nick Lee shares what inspires him and how he’s working to empower people living with a chronic lung condition.

Class location: Rosny & Derwent Park, Tasmania

Time as instructor: 2 years

Qualification: Exercise Physiologist

Why did you decide to become a Lungs in Action Instructor?

I decided to be a Lungs in Action instructor as I saw it as an opportunity to provide a service that currently does not exist within the community. I’m very passionate about working with people who live with chronic disease and particularly those with pulmonary and cardiac conditions. I have also had personal experience with how effective the Lungs in Action program can be for its participants, after spending time assisting with the program while completing my university studies.

What do you like best about instructing a Lungs in Action class?

I have been working as an Exercise Physiologist since 2016, this has allowed me to work with a wide variety of patients, which is probably my favourite part of my job. I love meeting new people and particularly if I can help them to reach their physical goals and needs. This is why I’m passionate about the Lungs in Action program, it provides me with another opportunity to work with members in the community who need assistance to improve their overall health and wellbeing. 

What has been your highlight as an instructor?

Seeing the progress that can be made by patients who attend the program, whether this allows them to walk and get their morning paper without severe shortness of breath or able to do activities they previously never thought they would get back to. Being able to facilitate these patients to undertake a structured activity program that can lead to real change is definitely a highlight.

What exercises do you provide?

At Your Path to Health we run our Lungs in Action classes in our private exercise studios at both locations. The exercises we complete in the program are very similar to the ones that are completed during pulmonary rehabilitation programs. This includes a specific focus on cardiovascular activity, for example utilising treadmills and exercise bikes. Classes are run in our fully equipped studio – this does give us scope to have a focus on whole body functional activities. This means if there is an activity that a patient is struggling with at home due to their condition, we can provide an exercise designed to help make the activity a little bit easier.

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