Mind Matters Series (Playlist)

Welcome to our Mind Matters series for guided practices for mindfulness and self-compassion. In our five episode series, Tracie Story (Social Worker) will be taking…

Maintaining Movement (Playlist)

We are hosting an at-home exercise series to help you maintain movement. The series will take you step-by step through exercises using minimal or no equipment.

Online Lung Health Checklist

Check in with your lungs by completing our Lung Health Checklist. You can quickly identify any symptoms or risk factors of lung disease and find out what actions to take.

C.O.P.E. COPD Online Patient Education

COPD Online Patient Education (COPE) is an easy to use interactive website providing access to the educational component of a Pulmonary Rehabilitation program.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Toolkit

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Toolkit assists health professionals to design and deliver an evidence-based Pulmonary Rehabilitation program.