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Staying fit and strong at home during the pandemic


Webinar filmed: May 2020 Please note: this information in this resource was current at the time of release. As this is an evolving situation please check information from your local government website.

During COVID-19 it has been difficult for everyone to maintain their physical activity levels, especially with closures of gyms, pulmonary rehabilitation, and Lungs in Action. Join Senior Respiratory Physiotherapist, Janet Bondarenko to learn more about why it is important to stay active while in isolation and how to implement some easy tips to stay physically active at home. The webinar provides an overview of:

  • Why is important to stay active
  • What type of physical activity you should be doing
  • Example exercises of each type of physical activity
  • How to maximise your incidental exercise
  • General tips to increase your strength over time
  • What household items you can use as equipment
  • How hard you should be exercising
  • How to exercise safely at home

If you would like some examples of exercises that can be done at home, you can tune in to our Maintaining Movement series found here. Before starting an exercise program, it is important to speak to your accredited exercise professional or doctor to ensure you are medically cleared to exercise.