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Lung Cancer

The following resources and services are designed to help your patients understand their diagnosis and treatment, and to plan for treatment transitions including survivorship and palliative care. Discussing these resources with your patients can be a helpful way to raise and discuss your patients’ needs at each phase of the cancer continuum.

Lung Cancer Social Worker

The Lung Cancer Social Work program is a free telephone-based service for people living with lung cancer, and their family and carers. Our experienced social worker will help people at any point of their disease, to navigate the practical and emotional impact of living with lung cancer. The Lung Cancer Social Work service can provide information, support and referral pathways on a range of topics including: 

  • Processing a diagnosis 
  • Impact on family and relationships 
  • Financial and housing concerns 
  • Legal issues and processes 
  • Coping with disease progression or recurrence 
  • Emotional and mental health support. 

Project made possible thanks to funding from Initiatives in Lung Cancer Care. 

Lung Cancer Support Nurse

The Lung Cancer Support Nurse is a highly qualified oncology nurse who provides information and support for patients, carers and families via a free telephone service, at any stage of living with lung cancer. The role of the nurse is to help empower patients, their families and carers to work with their treating health care professionals to understand the treatment and management of their lung cancer, whilst also addressing their supportive care needs. 

Practical suggestions for managing lung cancer symptoms and side effects are provided along with referral pathways to appropriate health professionals or agencies as required. The program is designed to support the patient in their search for evidence-based information about their lung cancer. 

Refer your patients today
To connect your patient with the Lung Cancer Social Work service or the Lung Cancer Support Nurse, complete the referral form and a member of the team will be in touch.

Information and Support Centre

Our Information and Support Centre team provides general guidance, evidence-based resources and connects people to relevant and valuable Lung Foundation Australia and community support services. Our services are designed to support clinical treatment plans and help patients better understand and manage their condition. This free and confidential service is available Monday to Friday 8am – 4.30pm (AEST) (excl. public holidays) via 1800 654 301 (option 3). Please note that this service does not offer medical or treatment advice.

Lung Cancer Search and Rescue

Australians living with, and impacted by, lung cancer face unique circumstances that are different for everyone. Whether you have been newly diagnosed, have been living with lung cancer for some time, or you are a loved one of someone living with lung cancer, we know there are always questions you are seeking answers to.

Lung Foundation Australia developed the Lung Cancer Search & Rescue campaign to ensure Australians looking online for materials on lung cancer find the best source of information possible – Australians living with lung cancer themselves who know more than a thing or two about what others are going through.