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Lung Cancer

Lung Foundation Australia has a range of evidence-based services and resources that will enable your patients to better understand and manage their condition. Our services and resources are designed to support clinical treatment plans and help drive optimal health outcomes. For more information or hard copies of resources, please call 1800 654 301 (option 3).

Refer Your Patient - Lung Cancer Support Nurse

The Lung Cancer Support Nurse (LCSN) is a highly qualified oncology nurse who provides information and support for patients, carers and families via a telephone service.  The role of the nurse is to help empower patients, their families and carers to work with their treating health care professionals to make informed choices about the treatment and management of their lung cancer whilst also addressing their supportive care needs. 

Practical suggestions for managing lung cancer are provided along with referral pathways to appropriate health professionals or agencies as required. The program is designed to support the patient in their search for evidence-based information about their lung cancer.  

To refer your patient to the Lung Cancer Support Nurse, please complete the form below. While family and carer participation in the Lung Cancer Support Nurse telephone service is welcomed (with patient consent), patients are required to be present for the telephone call.  

Lung Cancer Search and Rescue

Lung Foundation Australia understands that all Australians living with, and impacted by, lung cancer face unique circumstances that are different for everyone. Whether you have been newly diagnosed, have been living with lung cancer for some time, or you are a loved one of someone living with lung cancer, we know there are always questions you are seeking answers to.

That is why Lung Foundation Australia is launching Lung Cancer Search & Rescue; a new campaign that aims to ensure all Australians looking online for material on lung cancer find the best source of information possible – Australians living with lung cancer themselves who know more than a thing or two about what you are going through.