Young Lungs Week

August 22 2021 - August 28 2021

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Awareness, Get Involved

  • August 22 2021 - August 28 2021
  • Connect to care

Young Lungs Week is from 22 – 29 August, 2021.

This Lung Foundation Australia initiative is dedicated to raising awareness of lung diseases in children and connecting parents and carers with information and support to help families live well with lung disease. 

With very little known about lung disease in children, in particular rare diseases. Families face a range of challenges when navigating life with a child living with a lung condition. The journey to diagnosis can be long and frightening, and even with a diagnosis, there are endless unanswered questions. 

From the first sign something might be wrong, families are often left to navigate the complexities of the health system alone and there are very few support services and systems in place to help families cope with the unique challenges they face each day.  

Connect to care

Your resource pack

This free, downloadable information and resource pack is designed for parents and carers of children living with lung disease to connect you with resources evidenced-based resources and services to help you live well.

Young Lungs Facebook Group

The Young Lungs Facebook Group is a place for parents of children affected by a rare lung disease to connect. It’s a place to inspire hope and expand awareness about rare lung diseases in children and the challenges children and families face.

Help raise awareness

Australian children with lung disease deserve a brighter future. As part of Young Lungs Week we are raising awareness of this community with the hope of connecting and providing support to more families. You can get involved by sharing the message on your social media channels using the hashtag #YoungLungsWeek to help ensure every family has access to valuable information and resources.

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