Patients & Research

Research and clinical trials can offer hope and benefits for people living with lung disease – there have been many advances in prevention, treatment and management as a direct result of clinical trials and research initiatives

Clinical trials play a key role in driving discoveries for new treatments, managing conditions and searching for a cure.

At Lung Foundation Australia, we aim to connect people living with lung disease with relevant trials and research nationwide.

Taking part in research studies can have many benefits for people living with lung disease and their partners, families or carers. These include:

  • Health services, treatment and care are heavily influenced by research. If you participate in research or a clinical trial, you can have a voice in decisions that might affect you in the future.
  • You may have access to newer treatments or care not generally available.
  • Your participation can lead to improvements in health services, treatment and care for you and others in the future.

There can be both advantages and disadvantages when participating in research studies and clinical trials. It’s important you understand what’s involved before you agree to take part in a research study.

Find a clinical trial in your condition

For many people living with a lung condition accessing treatment via a clinical trial can provide hope of a brighter future. In Australia 1,000 new clinical trials are commenced each year and 5.2 million people participated in trials between 2006-2015. Not only can participating in a clinical trial provide you with access to the latest treatments and leading specialists, but you will also contribute to research that may save lives of people with the same condition for generations to come.  

In proud partnership with HealthMatch, Lung Foundation Australia is helping to connect people living with lung conditions, including lung cancer, to world leading researchers and clinical trials.  

Find a trial today by visiting HealthMatch. This is a 100% free and no obligation trials-matching service for patients. By creating a profile, you will be kept up to date with trials in your condition area for as long as you like.