Clinical Research

Clinical research studies, such as clinical trials, are ways of testing how well treatments work and how safe they are. They play a key role in driving discoveries for new treatment, managing conditions and searching for a cure.

Clinical trials are usually developed to observe the effect of new treatments or new ways of using known treatments on humans – such as comb treatments. Before a new drug treatment can be made available widely, it will need to pass several stages of testing – this is where trials come in.

When a new treatment is undergoing a clinical trial, large numbers of people may be required to participate to produce meaningful results. A clinical trial may involve people both in Australia and overseas.

Current clinical trials

Lung Foundation Australia collaborates with a number of organisations to facilitate participation in the development, conduct, evaluation and reporting of clinical trials in lung disease.  These include:

Get involved in a clinical trial

Lung Foundation Australia does not endorse any research study listed on this website. Participation in any trial is voluntary and it’s important you understand what is involved before you take part and are satisfied that your health and privacy will be protected. In Australia, clinical trials must follow the National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines and have approval from a registered Human Research Ethics Committee.

If you have concerns about a research project or clinical trial, you can make a complaint to the Human Research Ethics Committee that approved the study.