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Market research plays an important role in gathering and evaluating information about people’s needs and preferences for products and services. For more information on the importance of market research, visit the Australian Market and Social Research Society website.

Current market research

Market Research in Lung Cancer

This market research is interested in understanding the experiences of people living with lung cancer, since their diagnosis. The research group, acting on behalf of a pharmaceutical company, is seeking to interview people who have been diagnosed with unresectable, Stage 3 lung cancer.

How is the interview conducted?
• Researchers will interview people over the telephone for a period of 45-60 minutes.
• A reimbursement is offered for your time and co-operation.

How will the research findings be used?
• Research findings will be de-identified and combined together into a report and shared with the pharmaceutical company.
• An report will also be provided to participants at the completion of the research.

What do I have to do?
• Register for the research, participate in screening and if eligible, make an interview appointment.

Is the research completely confidential?
• All of you information will be treated confidentially and your privacy protected.

If you would like to register for this project, please call Dylan Murray on 1300 878 955 or click here.


Get involved in market research
Lung Foundation Australia does not endorse any research study listed on this website. Participation in any trial is voluntary and it’s important you understand what is involved before you take part and are satisfied that your health and privacy will be protected. You may wish to ask Questions on the research that is being conducted.
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