Training and Education

Lung Foundation Australia has developed the following training programs:

Online Training Order Form - March 2014 (134 kB)

Breathe Easy, Walk Easy

Breathe Easy, Walk Easy is a locally delivered lung health training program that provides ongoing support to rural and remote health professionals to deliver evidenced based culturally appropriate pulmonary rehabilitation programs to their patients.

COPD Online – an interactive training program for Primary Care Nurses

Learn about COPD, identify patients with COPD, manage patients with COPD and develop self-management plans with patients.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Training Online

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Training Online is an interactive online training program for health professionals to increase their skills and confidence in the delivery of evidence-based pulmonary rehabilitation, regardless of where they live in Australia.

COPD Pharmacy Training and Support Program

Lung Foundation Australia recognises the important role of pharmacy in the community and across the continuum of care. Work in this area includes promoting lung health, COPD Risk Assessment and Screening and Disease Management.

Lungs in Action Heart Failure Training

The Lungs in Action Heart Failure training is an educational module designed to increase knowledge and awareness for those playing a role in exercising people with Heart Failure, or who are a part of a broader multi-disciplinary team that provide these services.

Lungs in Action Program

Lungs in Action is a safe, enjoyable, low cost exercise maintenance program for people with stable chronic lung conditions who have completed a pulmonary rehabilitation program, and is also suitable for people with NYHA Class II and III heart failure who have completed heart failure rehabilitation.



The COPD National Program receives unrestricted sponsorship towards the development of training and resources from the following companies:

Foundation Partners: Boehringer-Ingelheim; A Menarini Australia Pty Ltd
Principal Partners: Novartis Pharmaceuticals; Air-Liquide Healthcare.
Supporting Partners: AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline.