Lung cancer – Research

The benefits of research on improving outcomes in cancer are undisputed. In the past 25 years, sustained investment in research in Australia has resulted in remarkable improvements for some cancers, with survival rates rising to 90% for breast, 94% for prostate and 43% for ovarian cancer1.

Lung cancer currently has one of the lowest survival rates of any cancer in Australia with just 15% of people living five years past their diagnosis1. Achieving improvements in outcomes for people with lung cancer requires the same commitment to research that breast, prostate and ovarian cancers have received.

Providing hope

There have been recent advances in lung cancer treatments that are providing hope with an increase in the survival rate among a small group of patients. While this is promising, more research is desperately needed to progress these and other treatments, as well as improve the late rate of diagnosis, support psychological management and search for a cure. Lung cancer is our nation’s biggest cancer killer, yet research to improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of the disease in Australia is significantly underfunded.

Improving outcomes

Lung Foundation Australia is committed to improving the outcomes and quality of life for people with lung cancer by driving more dedicated research.  Our research program includes an internationally renowned clinical trials initiative and a suite of lung cancer research awards and grants. Our lung cancer research awards and grants drive dedicated research into the diagnosis, treatment and management of lung cancer. Find out more about our research awards program and how to apply for funding.

Help Shine a Light on Lung Cancer
Help raise awareness and fund life-changing research for Australians living with lung cancer. There are a number of ways you can get involved, including holding a local Shine a Light on Lung Cancer community event, attending or donating towards an event or simply setting up a fundraising page.