There is currently little information available on the incidence, diagnosis and mortality rates of bronchiectasis in Australia. Without this knowledge and information, it is very difficult to make advancements in finding new treatments and searching for a cure.

Australian Bronchiectasis Registry

Lung Foundation Australia is working to fill this gap and improve the quality of life and outcomes for children and adults living with bronchiectasis by investigating the cause, treatments and quality of care through our Australian Bronchiectasis Registry – Find out more. 

For your patients

Lung Foundation Australia has a range of evidence-based services and resources that will enable your patients to better understand and manage their condition. Our services and resources are designed to support clinical treatment plans and help drive optimal health outcomes. For more information or hard copies of resources, please contact us.

Respiratory Nurse

The Respiratory Care Nurse telephone service is available for people living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or bronchiectasis. Our skilled nurse can provide guidance on all aspects of your condition according to the management guidelines. This free and confidential service will be available via free call 1800 654 301 and email

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Bronchiectasis Online Training
Learn more about diagnosing and treating patients living with bronchiectasis through Lung Foundation Australia’s new interactive online training platform. “Does Curt Have Bronchiectasis?” is a short online module which presents a realistic case-based scenario to engage and develop your skills in problem solving when identifying bronchiectasis in a symptomatic patient.